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Lauren Anders Brown

Lauren Anders Brown is an award-winning documentary director who has captured content in over 40 countries, 6 of those being for the documentary film WOMENstruate which she made in 6 days in South Sudan, Mozambique, Eswatini, South Africa, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe with the support of UNFPA ESARO. 

Her work focuses primarily on issues of human rights and health and has been distributed and screened at international festivals, such as Cannes in 2019. She often works with UNFPA, the United Nations agency for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

"Who ever thought something that only affects women's bodies should begin with the word MEN?"

Our Mission

The inspiration

Lauren was inspired by an article written by Dr. Juiltta Onabanjo on menstrual health, causing her to look inward at herself and address her own silencing around her menstruation. She chose to interview women of different decades and experiences and film them within the same length of time as a woman's average period, four to seven days.


Beyond the film

Lauren advocates for the normalising of menstruation through screenings of her film. She's also creating more content in the months to come including WOMENstruate: The Game and a colouring cookbook.

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