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Normalising menstruation for everyone everywhere

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WOMENstruate began as a film experiment by award-winning documentary director Lauren Anders Brown, to see how much content she could capture with women of different decades and backgrounds in the average time a woman has her period. Six days filmed across Africa and a few film premieres later, there is still more work to be done to normalise menstruation. Aside from doing research, Lauren was inspired by her own personal experience of how silent she was whenever her period would come - never sharing with colleagues her cramps, or her cravings with her closest friends and she was one of those people who whispered in a public toilet for a tampon when in need. 

In what world does it make sense to whisper for something similar to toilet paper? But more importantly - why are we whispering about something normal, healthy, and that 50% of the population experiences? 

Whispering is one step above silence, and silence in regards to one's body can lead to silence in other matters related to menstruation - the biggest one being endometriosis but also menopause, cancer, irregular periods, gender based violence, intimate partner violence, discrimination, and inequity. 

Consider this impact campaign to be an anti-whisper campaign, doing what it can to make a world where menstruation is as easy to discuss as the weather and women everywhere are given access to information and materials they need to get them through each month and beyond into menopause. 

Who ever thought something affecting women's bodies should begin with the word MEN?

Lauren Anders Brown, Director

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